About Our Products
Our Styles
We build classic styles that we know you love, but you don’t want to look like everybody else. We know you want to look like YOU. Our styles are a canvas on which you can paint yourself. Make your gear your own. Our styles help you show the world who you are, because you’re not like everyone else.
Our Fit
With decades of experience, we fit the average human body better than anybody. But YOU are not average. Average people accept a decent fit, if they can find it. But that’s not good enough, for YOU. With eight sizes, three body styles, and three sleeve lengths, we can build your perfect fit.
Our Craftsmanship
Here’s the thing: We’re really good at what we do. For decades, we have made some of the world’s best gear, for top brands that everybody knows. Now that we’re building gear just for you, we’re taking it up a notch. Why? Because you are our only customer, and you deserve our best.
Our Materials
We’re always going to use the highest quality materials, for anything we make for YOU. Look around the room: You’re surrounded by top brands. The very top brands use fabrics from Toray, Allied Down, and YKK Zippers, which is why we use these materials too. Only the best for YOU, that’s our promise.
Our Focus
Please understand: YOU are our focus, our reason for building gear. We build products to make you – and only YOU - happy, and we know that only the best makes you happy. That’s why we build the best-made, highest quality, best fitting, and most beautiful gear for YOU.