About Us
We believe that you – just as you are – are WONDERFUL. You are our favorite size, and favorite shape. Your favorite color is our favorite color, too. You have unique tastes and your own sense of fashion; we like that about you. We are inspired by you, and we live to bring your artistry to life.
Who We Are
We have built high-quality gear for decades. You likely own something we made, for someone else. It’s in whatever color was hot that year. It’s sized to fit an average, ordinary person. You look great in it, and you love it, and even though we made that we live to build something new, just for you.
What We Do
We build quality gear, just for you. We fit it to you, we make it your favorite color – in as many colors as you like - we put your name on it (or whatever name you want), and we ship it just to you. We want to make your favorite gear: Items that are designed, fit, and built just for you.
Why We Do It
You deserve the best, so we built the [Monkey Head] platform for you. Combining traditional in-store shopping with an online platform, we offer you more style options and a better fit. With decades of experience, we use premium materials to craft high-quality custom products, just for you.
The Bottom Line
Ours is a simple story: It’s all about YOU. Tell us what you want, and we’ll build it, just for you.