Frequently Asked Questions
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How long with this take?
Because the best things in life take time, your custom gear will be built and shipped to your doorstep or the retail store where you purchased it generally within three weeks, though it sometimes arrives sooner.
How can I be sure my gear will fit?
We have eight sizes in each gender; by comparison, most companies only build five. Each size comes with three fits: Slim, Full and Regular. You can also customize sleeve length. We have provided sample jackets in all sizes and in the top-selling body styles. If you need help, a sales assistant will help you to find the best fit. By the way, take your time with the fit. This IS a custom jacket, built just for you.
How can I be sure about color?
There are fabric and zipper swatches that show the colors we will use to make your jacket. While there are some variations in fabric colors from batch-to-batch, generally what you’ll see in the swatch is what you’ll get in your gear (though we can’t guarantee this to be the case, always…) Remember: There are an infinite number of colors in the universe, but most monitors only have millions of colors. Be sure to check your design against the actual swatches. By the way, take your time with color selection. This IS a custom jacket, built just for you.
Can I change or cancel my order after I’ve made it?
Keep in mind, we’ve designed our systems to be very efficient. In all likelihood, we’re going to start making your gear the moment you confirm you want it. Once we enter production, we really can’t change or cancel your order. However, we can change your shipping location for up to a week after production begins. Simply email us at to let us know.
Can I return my gear if I don’t like it?
First, we want to make this clear: We’re building your gear just for you, just the way you want it, in every way exactly as you request it. You obviously have fabulous taste, and a discerning sense of style. We don’t want anyone to have your gear, but YOU, and - frankly - it will be hard to sell your custom jacket to someone else if you do return it. This said, if you’re not happy, then we’re not happy. If that’s the case, just contact us, and we’ll do our best to work something out.
What is your warranty?
We offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty on our custom products. This warranty covers any failure or damage due to materials or construction. We will repair or replace your jacket at our cost if any problem is determined to be under warranty. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or abuse. Our products are built for a lifetime, but accidents happen and we cannot be held accountable for typical weathering, or normal wear and tear over time.
How do I return my gear if I need to?
For returns, please contact the retail store where you purchased your gear. If that’s not convenient for you, you can contact us at:
How is my gear shipped, and how much does shipping cost?
We ship via express direct from our factory to your door, and we cover the cost of this for shipments to the United States. We can ship to other countries as well, although we have to charge international customers extra for any duties, taxes, increase in shipping costs, or associated fees. These vary by country, and we’ll notify you of what these expenses are prior to starting your order.
How do I wash my gear?
To keep your gear looking (and smelling) fresh, machine wash it with cold water, and on a gentle setting, using powdered laundry soap (not detergent...) After washing, remove your gear promptly and dry it on your dryer’s gentlest, lowest setting. Or, you can air dry it by hanging it up on a line. You may iron your gear on a low setting after it is fully dry. However, don’t iron your decals.
Is my down gear waterproof?
Made from microfiber, our custom down jackets and vests are extremely light and comfortable but are not designed to be waterproof. Down doesn’t work well when wet, so you’ll want to wear a rain shell if you expect to take this gear out when it’s wet.
My question isn’t answered here, so where can I get answers?
We will be happy to answer any and all questions you have, simply email us at